10 Powerful Quotes By All Might

"It Is Fine Now. Why? Because I Am Here!"

"I Smile To Show The Pressure Of Heroes And To Trick The Fear Inside Of Me."

"You Are Not Just An Aspiring Hero Following In My Footsteps. You Are On Your Own Path Toward Greatness. As Your Teacher, I Must Walk Beside You."

"Whether You Win Or Lose...You Can Always Come Out Ahead By Learning From The Experience."

"There is a Slight Difference Between Those Who Always Aim For The Top And Those Who Don't."

"I Will Protect Your Son, Even If It'll Cost Me My Life."

"The Most Inflated Egos Are Often The Most Fragile."

"Just Believe In Yourself, And You Can Become A Hero!"

"It's Not Bad To Dream. But You Also Have To Consider What's Realistic.”

"Meddling When You Don't Need To...Is The Essence Of Being A Hero."

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